Since 2001, the Dichoso Group of Companies has been been helping businesses succeed the world over - Asia, Europe, Mexico, the Middle East and the United States.

Our mission is help businesses focus on growth by implementing our "Guide-Me-By-The-Hand" approach for easy, step-by-step action plans for all businesses to stay compliant with the myriad of accounting, audit, and tax regulations and laws.  As a consequence, many of our clients have been loyal customers for many years. 

From multi-state taxation compliance and IRS/State/EDD audits representation, to performing financial statement audits, developing strong internal controls and fraud prevention, to capital funding and developing business growth strategies, our staff has developed long-lasting relationships with colleagues and associates that still exist to this very day.

Our work record and ethics are impeccable. Colleagues, friends, clients and the community find us responsible, trustworthy, genuine, loyal, and operating with high integrity and morals.  No wonder we have earned numerous awards and recognition. 

Visit our menu modules to learn more about our services. The Dichoso Group of Companies is comprised of the following companies:

Dichoso and Company, CPA, Inc. is a full-service CPA firm providing accounting, auditing, tax, and business consulting services. 

Dichoso and Company, Inc. is a professional accounting and bookkeeping staffing services company.

Our founder Van Gerard Dichoso is also co-owner of one of the most progressive TV and film production studios, River Rock Films, creating, producing and developing many of Hollywood's great films.

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Awards & Recognitions
  • UCLA PAA “Distinguished Alumnus of the Year” (UCLA 2016)
  • “Accountancy Lifetime Achievement Award” (Spirit Awards, 2014)
  • “Asia’s CPA Superstar” (Philippine Times, 2008)
  •  “A Well-Respected Accounting Firm” (Manila-US Times, 2007)
  • “An Account of Excellence” (In-Focus Magazine, 2007)​​​​​​​Click on the Images Below to Enlarge