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The Dichoso Group of Companies was founded by Van Gerard Dichoso, CPA.

Dubbed as one of the most prominent CPAs of Filipino-American descent, Van Gerard first established the CPA firm Dichoso and Company, CPA, Inc. in 2001. The practice then concentrated on small business startups, assisting new business owners in complying with the myriad of ever-changing accounting and tax regulations required from the local, state, and federal government levels. The CPA firm now serves a wide variety of individuals and business industries, including Hollywood entertainers and movie producers, international and multi-state corporations, within the industries of manufacturing, retail, beverage & restaurants, and professional services (law firms and medical practices).    

The business philosophy was (and continues to be) a "Guide-Me-By-The-Hand" approach. Quite simply, we believe that finances should be managed with a clear view of the future and explained step-by-step. We've made it our business philosophy to provide clients professional services that meet their specific needs while offering flexibility and innovation in solutions.

The overwhelming success of the "Guide-Me-By-The-Hand" approach spearheaded the growth of the one-office firm from its beginnings in Beverly Hills to what's now a multi-division operation with locations in the Los Angeles Airport, West Los Angeles, and Glendale areas. 

In order to provide expanded types of services to its clientele all under one roof,  Dichoso and Company, Inc. was established to assist clients more efficiently in their real estate transactions. Clients with rental properties, procuring Section 1031 tax-free exchanges, selling or purchasing a home or business, or strategizing real estate ownership structures were often hit by unintended and severe tax consequences because their real estate agent was not in the position to provide tax or legal advice - and righfully so.  Hence, Van Gerard obtained his realtor license in 2003 to act as both tax advisor and real estate agent to clients in any real estate sale, purchase, or exchange.

The need for clients to protect their individual or business assets through insurance and other asset protections techniques prompted the firm to expand its services by offering financial products like variable annuities, 401K and other innovative retirement plans and various insurance products.

Van Gerard is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), a member of the California Society of CPAs (CSCPA), a former officer and board member of the Society of California Accountants (SCA, 1996-1999), and former President of the Philippine-American Society of CPAs (PASCPA, 1999).  He has written various articles in professional publications, had been speaker in various community events, and had been responsible for the first "Tagalog" translation IRS Publication 1 "Your Rights as a Taxpayer", allowing Filipino immigrants to understand their U.S. tax rights in their own language.  




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With a "Guide-Me-By-The-Hand" Approach, the Dichoso Group of Companies make sure that you completely understand your financial situation after every consultation with us.


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